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Early Artwork featured on Cribs with Jennifer Podemski (2009)

begin 2:19 min end 2:35 min

…“This piece of art was the first piece that I ever bought, and it’s by [….], she’s a Canadian artist, and I bought it about ten years ago, and that is when my real obsession with art especially Native art, Canadian art took place”…Jennifer Podemski

Future History Season 2

S02 E01 · Awaken

May 10, 2019

Kris learns about his family history, while Sarain prepares her medicine bundle; the hosts meet Dr. Deb Danard who helps them return to the place of spirit and the land.

Living art for over 20 years....

Copper Fishdream 2004

Woodlands Cultural Centre Group Show 

Copper Thunderbird 2015-2016

Etched copper for ceremony

June 2019 Ontario Science Centre Spoken Word on Water as part of a teaching lodge multimedia installation by artist Natasha Naveau

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