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WaterSong March 22, 2021

Be the Water (selected)

(From Women and Water. Canadian Women's Studies Journal. Guest Editors: Kim Anderson, Brenda Cranney, Angela Miles, Wanda Nanibush and Paula Sherman. Inanna Publications and Education. Summer/Fall Vol. 30 No. 2, 3, 2015.)

I place my tobacco offering in the water

“What are you asking of me?”

We do not govern mother earth

She governs us

She teaches us how to care for her

When She is sick we must take care of her

Unconditional in her love for all of Creation

We must also be unconditional in our love for her

What we do to the water, we do to ourselves

We see our reflection in the water.

Water is a warrior

Life brought forth from the waters

of mother earth

of birth

the first tears

‘Man’-made dams and structures

stagnates her life-blood

Throws her off-balance

straining under the pressure.

We thirst from ‘Man’-made promises

of a good-life rooted in greed and economy

We destroy our past, our present and our future

Leaves us Thirsty

False promises replace

Creators promise

That water would always companion

To bring life

Be thankful

Be grateful

The way of the water teaches us

Love unconditional for all of life

For ourselves, for each other

The water inside of us

Speaks to the water outside of us

Reflects itself outward

What we do to the Water

We do to ourselves

Be the water...

Be the Water - full article

Reflections on Water, Climate and Humanity | Part 4

A Collabration Hosted by The Rainmaker Enterprise for World Water Day 2020

Keeping water clean is the responsibility of everyone.

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